“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
—Benjamin Franklin

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Safety Tips and Manuals

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For Personal Security

Make sure all doors are secured with High Security locks. Open doors and windows and cheap, ineffective locks are a welcome target to intruders. Every outside door should also be secured with a Maximum Security deadbolt with Grade 1 features for more protection against hammer and crow bar prying attacks. For the best possible security against break-ins, a quality burglar alarm is a deterrent to all but the most determined burglars.

Here are some more tips to help you…

  • Install peepholes in exterior doors so you can see who comes to your door.
  • Set up security lighting around the outside of your home, especially at side and rear doors and windows. Floodlights, which offer the brightest lighting, are the best deterrent to prowlers.
  • Prune tree limbs away from your home to avoid easy access to upstairs windows.
  • Make sure that all personal belongings such as barbecues and sports equipment are stored inside your house or garage when not in use.
  • Never leave a spare key outside your home. Most hiding places are obvious to intruders.
  • If you go away for a few days, stop your mail and newspaper delivery services. Ask a neighbor or friend to watch your home and take care of your yard to eliminate signs of absence.
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch team in your community, or find out from local authorities how to start one on your block. Remember, there’s safety in numbers. A united community is a safer community.
  • While no home is ever completely burglar-proof, if you follow these tips around your home you will make it very difficult for an intruder to gain entry. In most cases, an intruder will spend no more than 60
    seconds trying to gain access to a residence — even less in a busy area.

For Business Security

Businesses can reduce their vulnerability to crime in many ways. Measures like locks, alarms, and good lighting make any establishment a less attractive target for criminals. A major ally is your local law enforcement agency–its officers can conduct a free security survey and give advice on alarm systems and other devices. Community service and involvement are important safeguards against crime. Customers and neighbors who view a business as a valued resource to the community will watch out for its property and employees.

Employees and Crime

Employees can help you to be profitable or hurt you through waste, inattention to customers, or stealing. You must set the example for honesty and develop clear policies regarding security and theft.

Robbery Prevention

Businesses are robbed ten times more often than individuals, but common sense can reduce the chance of becoming a victim as well as the amount of money lost if you’re robbed.
Some tips for this is:

  • keep only small amounts on hand and advertise this fact
  • make frequent bank deposits?
  • have a drop safe or time delay safe?
  • vary your deposit time and route?
  • count cash only in a private area?

Surveillance and Security are Critical

Lighting. Install bright interior and exterior lighting to make all openings visible from both the outside and the inside of the store.

Locks and Safes. Purchase high quality door locks and use them. Grilles and storefront grates delay entry. Use an Underwriters Laboratory listed money safe, bolted to the floor and visible
from the street.

Entry Control. Know who has a key and restrict access to the front door. Re-key the lock ifs once- trusted employee is discharged for cause. Re-key locks annually if you have high turnover
of employees. Consider an access control system rather than keys.

Intrusion Alert. Install a good quality alarm system to detect unauthorized entry. Check with your Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, law enforcement, and other businesses before you make this investment.

Windows. Consider burglary resistant glass in accessible areas. Unbreakable polycarbonate may work even better, particularly if you have high value items in window displays.

Environment. Keep areas around the store clean to aid visibility. Display your most valuable articles near the center of the store to force a burglar to take the longest possible escape route. Keep merchandise displays organized to allow maxi- mum visibility throughout the store.





Ademco 4111XM

Ademco 4150 Version 3

Ademco 6270 Graph Touch screen keypad

Ademco Alert II

Ademco LYNXR 24


Ademco VIA 30

Ademco VIA 30PSE

Ademco VISTA 10

Ademco VISTA 10P

Ademco VISTA 10SE

Ademco VISTA 15

Ademco VISTA 15CN

Ademco VISTA 15P

Ademco VISTA 15PUL

Ademco VISTA 20

Ademco VISTA 20HWse

Ademco VISTA 20P

Ademco VISTA 20PS

Ademco VISTA 20se

Ademco VISTA 32FB

Ademco VISTA 40

Ademco VISTA 50P

Ademco VISTA 100

Ademco VISTA 128B

Ademco VISTA 128BP

Ademco VISTA 250BP

Ademco VISTA 250FBP

Ademco VISTA 5110XM



ADT iCenter 8142ADT

ADT Safewatch Entrepreneur 3000

ADT Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur

ADT Safewatch Pro 2000

ADT Safewatch Pro 3000

ADT Safewatch Pro

ADT Safewatch Security Manager 3000

ADT Security Manager 2000

Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock ALC6-4

Alarm Lock Eagle 4700


Apex Defender II

Apex Destiny 4100

Apex Destiny 6100

Apex Destiny


CMP 2401B Control Panel

CMP 2402B Control Panel

MP 12-24 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MRP 4424 Agent Release Control Panel

MS 2 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 4 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 424 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 424A Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 2410B Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 2410BC Conventional Control Panel

MS 4012 Fire Alarm Control Panels

MS 4024 Fire Alarm Control Panels

MS 4412B Fire Alarm Control Panels

MS 4424 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 4424B (E) Fire Alarm Control Panels

MS 4812-24 Fire Alarm Control Panel

MS 5012 Fire Control Communicator

MS 5024 Fire Control Communicator

MS 5024E Fire Control Communicator

MS 5210UD Fire Control Communicator

MS 9200 Addressable Fire Control Panels

MS 9200E Addressable Fire Control Panels

MS 9200UD

MS 9200UDE

Sensiscan 200 Fire Alarm Control Panel

Sensiscan 1000 Fire Alarm Control Panel

Sensiscan 2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel

First Alert

First Alert FA 110C

First Alert FA 142C

First Alert FA 145C

First Alert FA 148C

First Alert FA 162C

First Alert FA 168C

First Alert FA 210RF

First Alert FA 848C

First Alert FA 1220CV

First Alert FA 1340C

First Alert FA 2000C

First Alert FA 2100C

First Alert Ready guard R

First Alert Ready guard REN

First Alert Ready guard

First Alert simple guide to battery replacement


ITI Advent Commercial Fire Operating Instructions

ITI Advent Commercial Fire Users Manual

ITI Advent Commercial Owner’s Manual

ITI Advent Navigator Owner’s Manual

ITI CareTaker Plus Owner’s Manual

ITI Commander 2000 Owner’s Manual

ITI Concord 2.0 Owner’s Manual

ITI Concord Express Owner’s Manual

ITI RF Commander Owner’s Manual

ITI Simon Owner’s Manual

ITI Simon Security System

ITI Simon v2.0 Owner’s Manual

ITI SX-V Owner’s Manual


Moose 950

Moose Z700

Moose Z800

Moose Z900

Moose Z911

Moose Z950

Moose Z1100

Moose Z1100ST

Moose Z1200

Moose Z1250


Napco EVA

Napco GEM-P400


Napco GEM-RP1CAe


Napco Magnum Alert 725

Napco Magnum Alert 850

Napco Magnum Alert 854

Napco Magnum Alert 900

Napco Magnum Alert 2600

Napco Magnum RP1054e

Napco Magnum RP3000LCD

Napco RP2AS

Napco RP1000E

Napco RP1000eLCD

Napco RP1016e

Napco RP1054D

Napco XP-400

Napco XP-600


Alpha II D1252

D10024 Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel

D10024A Fire Alarm Control Panels

K6100 Readykey for Windows

Radionics 9124

Radionics D360

Radionics D420

Radionics D620

Radionics D626

Radionics D630

Radionics D636A

Radionics D1256

Radionics D2012

Radionics D7212

Radionics D7412

Radionics D8024

Radionics D9412

Radionics General Manual

READYKEY K1100 Door Controller

READYKEY K2100 Door Controller

Safecom ST150 Central Station


Sentrol Digi-Key IV 6000-8000

Sentrol ESL 2500

Sentrol X440F Commercial fire & burglary control