“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
—Benjamin Franklin

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Central Station Monitoring

At Sonitec Security, your security is our top priority. Our UL Certified monitoring station, staffed with highly trained operators, will alert and dispatch the correct authorities in case of burglary, fire, or a medical emergency. Our high-tech alarm systems can also protect your home and business with special application sensors such as low temperature sensors and flood sensors.

Our alarm systems connect to our monitoring station via traditional phone line, Internet, or GSM cellular network, depending on the model.

  • Video Monitoring
  • Access Monitoring
  • Interactive Monitoring

Video Monitoring for CCTV Systems Westchester County- Sonitec Fire, Security and VideoVideo Monitoring

Certified Video Monitoring for CCTV Systems

Our Professional station operators will monitor your building or construction site when your team is not on-site.

We offer Invisible Doorman, Video Patrols, Guard Tours, Video Verification on Alarm and Video Assist Services

Our UL certified monitoring station is staffed by a team of highly trained professionals and is the perfect solution and alternative to Guard services.

Insurance Companies are now offering additional policy discounts for certified remote video verification systems.  Call for Free Demo!

Virtual Guard Tours

Highly-trained UL Certified Video Monitoring station operators will conduct virtual-guard tours of your construction site or building and review video footage as necessary. In addition, when an alarm is tripped, the system will immediately notify our operators to view live video and notify the authorities if necessary.

CCTV is Perfect for High Value Item Protection

In cases where extremely sensitive items are present, we can program your CCTV surveillance system to alert our operators immediately if any unusual movement or changes within a room have been detected through advanced video analytics (for example, when a painting has been removed from a wall).

Two-Way Communication with Monitored Site

Our CCTV systems also allow our monitoring station operators to have two-way communication with the site, enabling them to communicate with and deter an individual seen on the cameras.

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Access Control Westchester County-Sonitec Fire, Security and VideoInvisible Doorman® & Access Control

A true alternative to an expensive guard services on-site doorman or concierge, Invisible Doorman® provides similar services as a traditional doorman but at a lower cost and never sleep on the job. Invisible Doorman® is a solution that utilizes the latest technology to secure your building or gated community , remotely greet visitors, grant access, and accept packages such as dry cleaning and more.

When a guest arrives, our Invisible Doorman® greets your guest. She confirms whether this guest is expected or not and contacts you requesting permission to allow them access or not. Your privacy is protected.

Receives your packages and your guests

Busy professionals that work long hours are able to have their packages and dry cleaning delivered, whether they’re pulling a late night at the office or just away from home. No more coming home to a front door covered in UPS and FedEx “missed delivery” stickers. Invisible Doorman® enables residents to grant access to guests and receive packages while they are away.

Central Station Monitoring NYSecures your building & residents

The Invisible Doorman system includes CCTV cameras that record activity in important areas of your property. Our color video intercom allows us to view and speak with guests prior to granting them access. Nervous? Keeping company with you from the parking lot or garage to your apartment is no problem if you ask Invisible Doorman®.

The system can also incorporate electronic card access, which improves security several ways. It eliminates the use of traditional keys, which can be copied and passed between tenants, roommates, and guests. At any given time, a building has no idea how many copies have been made and distributed, or who they have been given to. The card access system is remotely managed. This allows tenants to report when their card or fob is lost or stolen in order to have it deactivated immediately. Access control system logs when cards were used so that in the event of an incident, the access control logs can be crossed referenced with the CCTV footage in order to determine exactly who it was that gained access and what unit they live in.

Interactive Monitoring Westchester CountyInteractive Monitoring

Interactive monitoring allows you the ability to control system functions, receive alerts and tailor custom programs for comfort, lifestyle, security and convenience. Sonitec supports interactive monitoring with a backbone of programming and technical services to make your system easy to use and always up to date. Using a host of Remote Connect Services, you can be connected whenever you choose.

With Remote Connect Services, the remote keypad feature lets you access and operate your alarm system from anywhere in the world. You can also view live video of security cameras remotely using your mobile phone or other compatible device. Free Total Connect Services apps are currently available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, as well as, BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphones.

Remote alarm systems, with Remote Connect™ Remote Services, allow you to receive important alerts, keep a close eye on your home or business, and control your security system remotely with the same mobile device you use every day. E-mail alerts provide you with up-to-date information about activity in and around your home or business, enhancing your awareness and peace of mind.

You can receive important notifications via e-mail or video alert on your smartphone, laptop, or any other compatible device. You’ll get the information you need instantly allowing you to decide what action to take, if any. No matter where you are, you can be alerted to important activities occurring at your home or business, including:

  • Security system arming and disarming
  • Motion sensed in a protected area indoors or outdoors
  • Restricted areas or confidential files have been accessed
  • Your business has been opened or closed by employees
  • Extreme temperature change
  • Water sensors tripped indicating possible flood
  • Your child has arrived safely home from school
  • A safe, gun safe, or liquor cabinet has been opened

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