“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
—Benjamin Franklin

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Safe Information & Security

There’s a lot more to safes than being a heavy box with a lock on it. Safes have fire ratings, burglary ratings, and all sorts of other accessories and accessories to help secure and protect your valuables. When it comes to ratings, the gold standard is the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and UL ratings exist for burglary and fire. Most safes older than 50 years old are not fireproof or burglary rated, but they are heavy and look cool. (more…)

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Dear Friends,

With so many security product choices around us whether on the internet, home centers and even supermarkets, it is easy to forget what is important.

Security is something we feel and own within us. Merely paying for something such as a lock, alarm or dog doesn’t assure a thing.

It’s a comfort level we all deserve and wish to exist everywhere we turn. (more…)

Slideshow:Residential Security System Services in Westchester, NY

In this slide, professionals at Sonitec Fire, Security& Video mention tips for residential security. They have been designing and installing residential security systems for over 40 years. To find out more, call 914-363-0574 or email info@sonitec.tv. (more…)

Home Security System Installation – Things to Consider

Residential security systems alert homeowners when someone attempts to enter the home. When planning to install a security system at your home, it is advisable to hire a security systems installer.

Things to Consider When Installing a Residential Security System

Investigate your dwelling: Determine the areas of your home that require security. Note the details and determine the most suitable security system.

Wired and wireless system: Identify the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless systems and select one that matches your requirements.

Locations of your control panel: When choosing the locations for control panels, make sure intruders cannot find it easily. Also ensure they are accessible for you and your family members in case of emergencies. (more…)

Protecting Your Business with Commercial Security Systems

Protecting Your Business with Commercial Security Systems
Security is important for every business, and locks and chains do not provide enough security. Commercial security systems are available in different models. Regardless of the size and the type of protection you need, you can find a suitable security system. (more…)

Importance of Commercial Security Systems for Businesses

Every business owner should make sure employees, assets, and office spaces are safe and secure. There are a number of companies that offer security services. You need to select the most reliable company. (more…)